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Swithun No

Comedy Laurel is growing according to plan:

Phase 1: Create a Community
We will hold open workshops to find Laurel's fearless, funny people. Those who want to get better can sign up for our classes. Periodically, we will hold auditions for those who will be on the performing teams. We will be focusing on building our improv comedy department first, and then creating our stand-up and sketch groups. Go to the Join Us page for more information!
Phase 2: Create a Home
We are looking for a place for our professional teams to perform, preferably on a weekly basis. An ideal venue would be a place that seats anywhere between 30-70, ample parking, and near other nightlife activities. ...in Laurel, of course!

Phase 3: Create Partnerships
We are seeking people and businesses that we can mutually help grow. Perhaps you are a business that could benefit from increased exposure. Perhaps you want to be a sponsor with product placement during a show. Perhaps you have a restaurant or coffee shop and you want to have a special draw to your place. Perhaps you are a karaoke DJ who wants to build a bigger brand. Perhaps you are a theater company that wants to share a venue with us. We would love to hear from you! Send us a message through our Contact Us page!

Phase 4: Create Something Special
As our talent pool increases, so will out interest in doing other unusual things, like special holiday themed shows. Or comedy competitions. Or musicals. Or puppetry. Or puppet musicals. Or improv everywhere-style urban pranks. Or... you get the idea - the crazier, the better! If you'd like to help us come up with goofy things to do, Join Us!

Phase 5: Create a Greater Good
As we become successful, we will start to share our good fortune with others.


Who is to blame for all of this?


 Personal Motto: "If you feel stupid, you're doing it right."


Comedy Laurel is the brainchild of Swithun No, who has been a professional improv comedy performer and teacher for over a decade. For over 7 years, he directed the Village Idiots Improv Comedy theatre and troupe in Rochester, NY. In that time, he has overseen the construction of five black box theaters, hosted numerous competitions and festivals, and used improv for charity work. Additionally, he has taught improv workshops all over the country. Recently, he held the position of head coach at the Improv Playhouse in Chicago, IL.


His unique philosophy of bold  improv results from strong personal choices and close attention to energy work. He has taught over 200 students, adults and teens. Reviews of former students can be found in the reviews section.

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